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For whatever reason, I’ve not done a lot of writing here on SBS about keyword research. Yet, just last week in emphasizing its importance to a client, I said, “Get this wrong, and you mess up everything else.” Keyword research is that important.

Keyword Research PDFAnd that’s why I’m suggesting you go download Keyword Research & Selection, a free PDF from Stoney deGeyter (and Jason Green).

It’s a 22-page document, and Stoney breaks down the process into three steps: Gathering Keywords, Sorting & Selecting Keywords, and Organizing Keywords. You’ll get theory and specific advice, with examples that show how the best practices are applied. Stoney shares warnings about using deceptive keywords (as if Adidas tried to optimize for “Air Jordan,” a Nike sneaker) and encouragement to make sure you correctly match keywords to page content. And very helpful is Stoney’s list of “advanced keyword research tools,” which included a couple I’d never seen before.

Small business owners/webmasters — get over and download this one pronto.

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