Don’t Digg? Then Mixx, Instead

Filed in Social Media by Matt McGee on December 3, 2007 0 Comments

I’ve never recommended that a small business client sign up for Digg and start using the service with the goal of social marketing there. Maybe I will someday, but I don’t think the time and effort that would be involved to start from scratch at this point justifies the potential rewards. As I said in the recent interview I did with Karl Ribas:

I think it’s probably a waste of time for most small businesses to spend six months playing on Digg, trying to create a “power user” profile.

Mixx logoIf you’re going to become a valuable member of a social community, it’s usually easier to do that when you get in early and build your profile as the site grows. And that’s why you should probably check out Like, do it today.

Why today? Anything I would say to answer that question has already been said by Tamar, and she also includes some screenshots and “how-to” tips that’ll help you see what you’re doing before you actually start doing it.

And if you’re wanting to learn a little more about Mixx in general, don’t miss Brian Wallace’s interview with founder Chris McGill.

Already on Mixx? Well, why not check out my profile and “follow” (friend) me?

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