Deja Vu: SEO Advice from 2012? or was it 2002?

Filed in SEO by Matt McGee on March 10, 2013 4 Comments

seo-200It’s pretty amazing to me that in December 2012, the National Association of REALTORS® would run an article offering SEO advice that includes

1.) Submit your web site to the major search engine directories.

4.) Add outbound links.

I’m seriously left wondering if the date on the article is a typo — should it be 2002 instead of 2012?

Gotta hope by now that a lot of real estate agents aren’t relying on the NAR for SEO tips. That organization has been letting agents down for a while now with some of its SEO and online marketing advice.

(Related from 2007 on this blog: Real Estate SEO is a Joke.)

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  1. Marko Saric says:

    Ha! There’s a lot of random noise out there! Hopefully beginners have good enough filters to screen all the bad / outdated / wrong advice out.

  2. Jim Rudnick says:

    Matt…I’d have to agree here big time. We no longer “take” real estate firms as clients…as I just got so dang tired of doing an audit of their site – showing them the absolute mess that they were in – and being told again and again, that my own SEO skills were not current. That they knew SEO much better than I did…and that I was some “rigging” the serp results to show that they were so poorly ranked.

    No matter. There’s more than enough biz channels to work in….but yeah, I’d have to agree that RE is one of the biggest channels lacking in any kind of solid SEO best practices…sigh…


  3. I’d say the majority of businesses who dabble but don’t specialize in SEO still think keyword stuffing works! It’s the same old story where a little information in the wrong hands is detrimental.

  4. Alberto says:

    I have seen the same old SEO suggestions given by many other self-proclaimed SEO gurus all over.
    But in line with the topic here, I have recently sold a mobile business app to a RE agent and he asked me to take a look at his website as well. A part from the fact that the website was pretty aged and needed a complete redesign, the main problem was that there was no decent content to account for and no social media strategy implemented. Considering the importance Google is now placing on high quality content and social involvement, I tried to simply explain what I recommended to revamp the website and even though he just forked out $1000 for a mobile app, the answer was: “I have been advised by the franchisor to hire someone in the Philippines to build thousands of back links for me. It’s cheaper and I trust they are giving me the right advice”. I took my cash and wished him good luck!

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