Creative, Offline Blog Marketing: An Example

Filed in Blogging by Matt McGee on June 9, 2008 2 Comments

I love it when small business owners find creative ways to market themselves. Over on the Real Estate Tomato, Jim Cronin introduces the clever, offline ways that the owners of spread the word about their new blog.

In a nutshell: A small investment of time, some printing and postage costs, a free coffee offer, and BOOM! – instantly memorable exposure (not to mention blog subscribers, links, and all that other good stuff we want you to have).

Small business owner? Launching a new blog? You can do it, too. Be creative. Be memorable. Be remarkable.

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  1. David Mihm says:

    That is just fantastic. I love seeing stories like this. Just goes to show that the best marketers aren’t always expert SEOs or SMMs, but genuine entrepreneurial business owners…

  2. Linda says:

    This really is a fantastic post. It’s refreshing to hear stories about small business marketing without such emphasis on SEO, but a combination of that and old fashion entrepreneurial marketing.

    Well said, David.

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