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hyperlocal-bloggerThis post is an alert for regular readers, particularly those of you who subscribe via RSS.

Starting soon (I hope), and continuing for however long it takes, I will be importing the best articles from Hyperlocal Blogger and posting them here on Small Business Search Marketing. Here’s what I think you need to know:

  • I may rewrite/update some of them and publish them with a current date. These articles will show up on the home page of Small Business Search Marketing, and as new articles in the RSS feed.
  • Other articles that are not updated or rewritten will be posted here with the same date that they were published on Hyperlocal Blogger. They won’t show up on the home page, but they might show up in the RSS feed. I’m not 100% certain how that works.
  • Comments from Hyperlocal Blogger will not be relocated, just the articles.
  • While this relocation project is happening, I will continue to post new/original articles here. The relocation project won’t completely prevent me from writing.
  • Whenever I’m finished, I’ll post a message similar to this.

That’s it. I just wanted to post this as a “heads up” in case you start to see articles showing up on the home page or in the RSS feed that look familiar if you were also a reader of Hyperlocal Blogger.

What’s Hyperlocal Blogger?

It’s a blog that I started in 2008 to discuss (and learn about) blogging on a local level. A great-but-small community of local bloggers formed and it was a great educational experience for me, but lack of time forced me to stop blogging there in late 2010.

Still, if I may say so myself, there are some very educational articles posted over there that I think should be preserved for small business owners — especially those that are blogging, or are thinking about blogging. So I hope to soon begin the process of preserving them here.

Any questions? Fire away in the comments.

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