Bing Quietly Adds Bulk Uploads to Local Business Listings

Filed in Bing, Featured, Local Search by Matt McGee on May 12, 2011 11 Comments

bing-business-portal-logoBing has (finally) added a bulk upload tool for local business owners with multiple locations. Actually, “system” might be the more accurate word instead of “tool,” because it requires a Bing rep to “help with the setup process.” Here’s a look at how it works:

Bing Local Listing Bulk Uploads

When logged in to your Bing Business Portal account, you should see a new “Add 25+” button right above your existing listings.


Clicking the button leads to a popup window with the following message:


Bing makes claiming numerous listings quick and hassle-free. Please provide your contact information and details below and a business specialist will contact you shortly to help with the setup process.

The form asks how many listings you want to upload — and that’s the only required field. You can also add a listings file (spreadsheet, Word document, or text file) and provide contact info, which isn’t required … unless you actually want someone at Bing to be able to reply.


Bing’s system/tool is new — in the comments of my earlier post about the Bing Business Portal, Nicole from says it was just launched on Monday.

Since it’s new, Bing’s bulk upload system doesn’t yet seem to be as automated and full-featured as Google’s bulk upload tool. Google provides a template, formatting instructions and automatically checks the uploaded file for errors. Google also targets its bulk upload tool at 10+ listings, while Bing’s button says “25+” — I don’t know if that’s an actual minimum or not.

Still, it’s a welcome addition to the Bing Local Business Portal — one that a lot of business owners and search marketers have been waiting for a long time.

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  1. Phil Britton says:

    Much appreciated coverage, I can also say that we first noticed/used the bulk upload capability on Monday. There is no stated file format, which is odd, then we got a response from a human at a company who Bing apparently is outsourcing the listing processing with. The email was friendly and was asking for more details on the top ten products, with descriptions and photo’s, along with a few other pieces of info. It will be interesting if this level of detailed product info remains mandatory. The role of this third party is also something I’d be interested in keeping an eye on.

  2. Matt says:

    @Phil How long did it take for the repsonse from Bing (or the 3rd party contracted by Bing in this case)?

  3. Michael says:

    I would b interested in knowing response time as well. Very interesting.

  4. Richard Paredes says:

    I’m in BizDev for a Local SEO provider and would graciously accept any direct contact at Microsoft/Bing. Our experience with the 3rd party they’re using for bulk uploads has left a great deal to be desired and now need to escalate our situation to Bing. Thanks in advance for any replies. ~RP

  5. May ann says:

    does it allow multiple business listing with the same physical address?please advice…thanks!

  6. Matt,

    I’m struggling with the mobile deal fields. Bing asks for ‘redeemable at’ and gives a browse, or search function which provides no information. The field basically never populates, and thus the Daily Deal remains incomplete.

    What’s going on here?

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