Best. Facebook Page. Ever.

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Sometimes parody can be a great teaching tool.

Don’t miss the Condescending Corporate Brand Page for a steady stream of reminders of how not to be annoying with your Facebook Page.

Brilliant. I love it.

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  1. Matt L says:

    Good little parody. I’m sure this will help people as well. There are so many companies that don’t realize that they are making some easy to fix (and annoying) mistakes.

  2. Gary says:

    That is awesome!

  3. Kaushal Shah says:

    Really Creative idea, that’s social media strategy. You should always look for new in social media as well as in SEO. Love it…

  4. So much of the problem is that some corporate big wig or owner reads someplace that they “have to have a FaceBook page” and so they order some one who has no understanding of what a page should do or how it should be structured to “get on it right away”. Usually it’s the same one who’s doing their web site as it’s all the same right. Of course they all to often don’t understand web site construction either.

    And so you end up with a hastily designed FaceBook page just for the sake of having one. That can only result in junk like you’ve shown. And sadly it’s worse than no page at all in the end.

    Social media is one of those things that it’s better left undone than done poorly.

    Thanks for a wonderful look at just how badly some can manage to mess it up.

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