Ask Changes the Shape of Local Search

Filed in Local Search by Matt McGee on March 8, 2007 0 Comments logoWhoa. What a week for local search, eh? Fine week to be on the road and out of touch. So, still playing catch up here…

AskCity has one of the sweetest search gizmos I’ve seen. You can draw a shaped area over any map and do a search specifically within that shape you drew.

Official announcement: The New Shape of Local Search

Search Engine Land: Barry’s screencast shows how it works in moving pictures

Very, very cool.

This would’ve been tremendously helpful Tuesday night as six of us (me, Darcy from TrafficLeader, Rand and Rebecca from SEOmoz, Scott Orth, and Scott Fish) went searching through Portland’s Pearl District and struggled to find a certain Mexican restaurant that had been recommended highly. 🙂

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