Anyone using Newsvine?

Filed in Miscellaneous by Matt McGee on May 24, 2007 3 Comments

Newsvine logoNot necessarily as a marketing tool, I mean just using it?

I created a Matt McGee profile page last night, and now I assume I’m supposed to make friends and seed stories and vote/comment on stories … right?

Anyone want to be a Newsvine friend? Anyone want to explain how you’re using it … and why?

Comments welcome.

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  1. dazzlindonna says:

    I set up my profile page last month when they first added their new features, and then never did anything with it. Why? It just seemed like too much work. I like the look and feel of Newsvine, and I like the concept … theoretically. But the actuality of it is just daunting. Even though I may never really do much with it, if adding me as a friend helps you in some way, feel free to do so. (

  2. Matt McGee says:

    Thanks, Donna — just “friended” you back. I agree with what you said about the site. It is attractive and has a good atmosphere, but it does seem like a lot of work. I suppose by doing that, they’re partially guaranteeing some level of quality content an discourse. Whereas digg and reddit are so easy to use that you get the crap you get with those sites…..

  3. everett says:

    I’m on there:

    Haven’t gotten around to using it much though. Feel free to add me as a friend.

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