Another Successful “Local University” in the Books

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The second edition of’s Local University is in the books, and this faculty member is even more excited about the concept today than I was after the first one in Spokane back in February. Why?

As I said in an email to some of the other speakers and organizers, I’m completely convinced we have something special on our hands: an affordable, fast-paced, easy-to-understand online marketing workshop that provides 100% value with no sales pitches.


Local University Recaps

Here are a few good roundups (with photos) of the day’s events:

Here are some of the tweets that people shared as the day ended. At the risk of being called a braggart or worse, I’ll include one that was very kind about my presentation.





Local University Photos

localu-smallIn addition to the photos on display in some of the blog posts I linked above, I’ve also uploaded a couple dozen of my own photos to Flickr. You’ll find them in this photoset: Local University, Twin Cities

If you were at either Local University – Spokane or Twin Cities — feel free to add your Flickr photos to the new Local University Group that we just created this weekend.

What’s Next for Local University?

The next edition of Local U. will take place on June 30 in Cleveland, Ohio … well, just outside of Cleveland in Valley View, Ohio. The price, as always, is $129. And as always, you can use the coupon code McGee2010 to cut $40 off that price and pay only $89.

I hope to see you there!

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  1. David Mihm says:

    It is more than a little embarrassing that all of you guys have “beaten me” to a recap. I’ve been been quasi-amazed by the feedback & am absolutely excited for Cleveland.

    The only change I’d make to your post is that the discount code will be good for $50 off in Cleveland due to a much more affordable venue 🙂

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