Andy Beal’s Great (& Unintentional) Advice for Small Biz Owners

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Andy Beal wrote a post today directed toward interactive marketing agencies. The post is about how to add $1 million in revenue to your agency. At least that’s what the post titles claims is the purpose and audience for the post.

What he really did was share four wonderful bits of business advice for any business of any size in any industry. I can see this being valuable even to some of the work-from-home moms I worked with back in my OWT days.

Please read, bookmark, digg, etc.:

Five Secret Strategies to Add $1 Million in Revenue to your Interactive Marketing Agency in 2007

Yes, Andy’s list has five items and I mentioned a list of four earlier in this post. That’s simply because there’s a class of small business owners that probably has no need to hire a PR firm, which is the 4th strategy on Andy’s list. But these other four are pure gold no matter how big or small you are:

Strategy 1 – Stand out from the crowd
Strategy 2 – Write articles to establish your agency as a thought-leader
Strategy 3 – Step-up to the microphone and be heard
Strategy 5 – Know the value of a big-brand client

Did I mention that you should read the full article?

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