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I’m finally finished. After griping about the challenge of putting together an interesting 90-minute presentation on a single topic, I’m actually somewhat pleased with the final results. I’m talking about the “Local Search Workshop” I’ll be leading next week at the Small Business Marketing Unleashed conference in Houston.

Small Business Marketing Unleashed

So, what on earth am I going to do for an hour-and-a-half? Rather than one long talk/speech, I’m going to do four separate local search presentations, with time for question-and-answer after each one. The PPT is finished, and it’s a Rand-like 71 slides. Yikes!

My Outline

Here’s what I’ll be covering in the Local Search Workshop:

A) Local Search: The Industry
   1.) Who’s Playing?
   2.) Who’s Winning?
   3.) Where’s It Going?

Q&A Break

B) Local Search: What’s In The Algorithm(s)?
   1.) Possible Recall Factors
   2.) Possible Ranking Factors
   3.) The Algorithms in Action

Q&A Break

C) Local Search: SEO & PPC Tactics
   1.) The Basics
   2.) Beyond the Basics

Q&A Break

D) Local Search: Finding Local Customers
   1.) The Problem with SEO & PPC
   2.) Solution: Guerrilla Marketing
   3.) Social Sites with Local Elements
   4.) Local Blogs
   5.) Forums and Mailing Lists
   6.) Does It Work?

Q&A until End

That’s it. (cough) If you saw me speak at SearchFest 2008 in Portland, or SES NY last month, section D above is similar to what I presented at those shows, but expanded to include more places to do “local guerrilla marketing.”

If you’ll be in Houston, that’s what you can expect. If not, well … I’ll send a postcard. 🙂

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  1. Laura Alter says:

    Love the format! I WISH I had heard about this event sooner – I am just up in Austin!

    Will it be filmed? Will you be sharing it online at some point? (crossing fingers)

    Keep up the great work!


  2. Matt McGee says:

    Hi Laura – you should come to the conference. Registration is still open, and if you use the code PUPPY, you’ll get $100 off. I’m sure there’s room, so why not?

    I don’t think it’ll be filmed, sad to say…..

  3. morgan says:

    Looks like a great talk! Are you going to post the slides online? For those of us who won’t be able to make it to Houston — it won’t be the same as seeing you give the talk in person, but it’ll be better than nothing. 😉

  4. Laura Alter says:

    Ahhh, my poor hubby. I try to plan attending conferences far in advance so he’s not left with three kids on short notice. 😉

    Please post the slides!! (If you can!)


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