An “If/Then” for WordPress Bloggers

Filed in Blogging by Matt McGee on February 4, 2008 1 Comment

iPhone themeIF you run a WordPress blog, and

IF you believe you do or will get a fair amount of traffic from iPhone and iPod Touch users,

THEN you should check out this WordPress plugin and theme from Content Robot. It creates an iPhone-friendly version of your blog theme for mobile users; people visiting your blog on a traditional browser see your regular theme.

Pretty cool, eh?

(found via Small Business Coaching and Transitions)

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  1. You have created a If condition using then but forget about the audience comes under “else” category.

    IF MyBlogPlatform=”WordPress” AND TrafficFrom=”iPod”
    Then CheckOut Plugin=”WordPress”
    ‘ Nothing To Do. Leave This Page.

    So Next time onwards gives a option for “Else” category people.

    Directory Maximizer

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