The SEO-Smartest Retailer on the Web?

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Lack of content — one of the items I listed on my recent retail SEO post, 6 Common Retail SEO Pitfalls (and How to Avoid Them) – has never been a problem for Just today, in fact, Amazon made itself much stronger content-wise with the purchase of, a wonderful site for all things related to digital cameras.

The purchase should come as no surprise because Amazon is one of the most forward-thinking online retailers when it comes to SEO. For years they’ve been practicing great SEO by:

It goes without saying that Amazon has enormous resources — financial, human, infrastructure, etc. — to make all of this happen. But I would also hope that small business retailers can look at what they’re doing and say, Can we do some of this, too? and What can we learn from them? I’ve seen a fair amount of small retailers doing a bang-up job of on-page SEO and covering the basics quite well, but what Amazon is doing is very impressive and, in many ways, a good example.

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