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I know a very talented writer who has a blog, but admits to being afraid of blogging. I’ll be sharing these links with that person, and thought I’d post them here since there’s bound to be more people out there in the same boat.

At Remarkablogger, Michael Martine has finished a three-part series about overcoming blogging fears. Really, really good stuff. Here are your links:

Here’s a sneak peek at the 11 fears he writes about:

1. I’m afraid no one will read my blog or care about what I’m doing
2. I’m afraid I’ll run out of things to say
3. I’m afraid I’ll fail and have to get a “real” job
4. I’m afraid I’ll make grammar and spelling mistakes, and people will be more critical about everything else, including my content
5. I’m afraid I’m being too obvious and simple (or I haven’t researched enough)
6. I’m afraid I won’t make any money
7. I’m afraid of putting myself out there, afraid to hit “Publish”
8. I’m afraid I’m not really helping anyone (lack of feedback)
9. I’m afraid I’ll go “too far” with personal content and turn off readers
10. I’m afraid I’ll write something that’s already been done a million times
11. I’m afraid I’ll be exposed as a fraud

If you’re a blogger, I’m betting there’s something on that list that you’ve felt or thought before. So go forth and read, and then get back on the blogging horse.

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  1. John Riley says:

    While this article is specifically on blogging, I think you can apply this fear issue to every social situation where someone in the group is hesitant to speak up. The tips you offer to deal with this problem are excellent. Even so, there may be a few folks still hesitant to jump in the water. In that event, I think you have to decide how badly you want to participate and then either opt out or just do it.

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