A Year on Twitter

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Today is the one-year anniversary for me being on Twitter. You may remember the “Twittering for Charity” contest Jeff Quipp and I started on April 30, 2008. (see here)

I started working on a post last night about why I love Twitter, and was going to post it here as a follow-up to that contest launch. But it ended up not having much to do with marketing — there’s a bit of that, including stats on how much traffic Twitter sends to this blog. But after finishing the whole article, I decided it was more appropriate for my personal blog. So, if you’re interested, head over there:

One Year Later, Why I Love Twitter

If you’re a small business owner still not sure about getting on Twitter, you might find something in there to convince you to give it a try. I hope so!

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  1. Hey, Matt, after about 5-6 weeks of experimenting on twitter, one of our businesses deffo got one “possibly interested” person. LOL. Of course the business sells a service that is not inexpensive.

    But 1 is better than ZERO

    Lets see we are following about 240 in that local market…and have close to 70 followers.

    How many actually read our tweets? LOL…maybe 2 on a good day 😉

    Actually not so…after using short urls we are getting references. use cli.gs. it provides analytics and they are matched on our site analytics


  2. Matt McGee says:

    Good to hear, Dave. Thx for the update. I’m a cli.gs user, too. The stats it provides are a nice addition.

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