A Very ‘Become’-ing Christmas

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My Become.com Fleece Jacket/SweatshirtThe mailman brought more Christmas Search Schwag (CSS) to Casa McGee today, and this one will be a big hit in our cold, inland Washington winters. It’s a fleece jacket/sweatshirt from my friend Jon Glick at shopping search engine Become.com. Thanks, Jon! If you’ve been reading SBS a long time, you may recall my interview with Jon last fall, which had all kinds of great SEO information and ideas.

(Making the jacket/sweatshirt even cooler is that I don’t think Tamar has one!)

That’s not the only reason this is a “become-ing” Christmas. Thanks to the Chargers’ win over Denver in Monday Night Football tonight, I beat Jon’s co-worker at Become.com, Greg Haslam, in the championship game of the SEA Fantasy Football league. SUH-WEET! If you’re keeping track, that’s my second consecutive SEO Fantasy Football title.

In other words: Me = Dynasty.

Enough gloating. The gifts are all set out, the kids are asleep, and Christmas is minutes away. Wherever you are, Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it … and Happy Holidays to everyone else!

Come back on Wednesday for some end-of-year fun and a chance to win a little something just for being smart…..

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