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Confession: Putting together a 90-freakin’-minute presentation on local search is a pain in the you-know-what. 🙂

However: I’m really looking forward to the presentation and think it’ll be valuable information for attendees. My plan is to give what will amount to 3-4 separate presentations, breaking for Q&A in between each topic, all the while trying to keep it relaxed, yet interesting.

(My biggest fear: having to stand behind a podium for 90 minutes. I really hope I can walk around a bit, maybe even sit down a bit, or some combination of the above.)

Small Business Marketing Unleashed

I’m referring to the upcoming Small Business Marketing Unleashed conference in Houston, which is three weeks away: April 21-22.

Save $100: If you’re thinking about going, be sure to use the discount code PUPPY when you register online to get $100 off the price. That’s just $875 for a two-day conference focused solely on small business marketing strategies and tactics.

It’s a great lineup of speakers/presenters, including several I’m looking forward to meeting and learning from (Wendy Piersall, Mack Collier, Sage Lewis). In addition to the 90-minute local searchfest, I’ll also be presenting the SEO Success Pyramid to help start the conference on day one.

Sign up today and use the PUPPY discount code to save yourself $100!

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  1. Aaron.Weiche says:

    Hey Matt- I think with breaking it down to sections and allowing maximum interaction (isn’t that what this conference is about?) … you’ll be just fine. Local search as the topic should provide a ton of great questions.

    I can’t count the number of conferences I’ve been at with more value in the Q&A time then the presentation. Real life examples and challenges track so much better with the audience in my mind. Have fun, wish I was going.

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