5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

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I’ve had my fingers crossed all day that I wouldn’t get “tagged,” then Lisa Barone dashed that dream (thanks, Lisa…) and so I feel a sense of obligation to play along. Plus, it’s been absolutely fascinating to learn more about my fellow SEOs and SEMs.

So, here we go with 5 things you didn’t know about me, guaranteed to be less fascinating than the links above….

1. I was member of the press before doing web development and SEO. This began back in college (Pepperdine) when I was a sportscaster, then switched to print for my 1st job after graduation, then back to TV and radio until 1997. My media career ran the gamut from writing the “Ask Mr. Traffic” column for the Los Angeles Daily News to having the chance to interview people like Magic Johnson and Charles Barkley during their playing days. I had to leave sportscasting in 1997 because my wife and I were starting a family, and I was making less than $20k as the Sports Director for the local CBS affiliate here in Tri-Cities, Wash. (No way to support a family on that!) The only thing I miss about my media days is the sportsradio call-in show I used to do, which was an absolute blast.

2. I love photography and consider this to be the best non-family photo I’ve ever taken. (Or maybe this one.)

3. Calling me a “U2 fan” would be an understatement. I’ve been following them since 1981 and have seen them live 25 times, a number which actually pales in comparison to some dear friends. In 1994, my wife and I drove through the California desert until we found the actual Joshua tree U2 used on the album photography. (It was pretty easy since I’d done countless hours of research.) I founded and manage the #1 independent U2 site on the web, which has won numerous awards and led many media outlets to contact me/the site when in need of quotes for U2-related news articles. (It’s kinda like the U2 equivalent of Search Engine Watch / Search Engine Land, I suppose. Hope that doesn’t come across as arrogant… yikes.)

4. I was an extra in the movie Thelma and Louise. In the scene near the beginning of the movie when Thelma and Louise are sitting at a table in a bar chatting, I walk right behind Susan Sarandon, holding hands with a girl who’s following me to the dance floor. Unfortunately, because of the low camera angle you can only see my hips/waist/stomach. 🙁 I’m wearing blue jeans and a plaid/country-ish shirt. You might be able to see more of me in the dance floor scenes that follow, but I’ve never bothered to inch through the tape to look.

5. I have a mortal fear of driving on snowy/icy roads. I used to be much better about it when I was in my teens and growing up near Philadelphia. But thanks to two incidents — one in Idaho and one here in Tri-Cities — where I almost died on slick roads, I now shudder at the thought of it and avoid it at all costs.

Whew. That wasn’t so bad, I hope. Okay, now I’m supposed to tag five other people. How about Jennifer Laycock, Matt Bailey, Greg Sterling, Brian Smith, and Andrew Goodman….

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  1. davidtemple says:

    Very interesting tidbits, I got tagged by Lisa too. I think your pictures are great. Guess you won’t be moving to Minnesota.

  2. Todd says:

    Really killer picures man! I’m very impressed. The one of the oregon coast reminds me of the movie goonies:) What type of camera do you use?

  3. Matt McGee says:

    Can’t see myself moving to Minnesota, David … sorry. I’m holding out for Marchex to open up an office at the Equator. 🙂

    Thank you both for the kind words about my pix!

    Todd – I was using a small Sony for the longest time, then bought a Canon S2 IS in February. And then I upgraded to the S3 Is when it came out in May/June. Great camera and not too spendy.

  4. kleu says:

    Hey Matt, you must have worked somewhere near Yakima… I use to be a news reporter too. By way of, Pocatello, ID (where I also got into an accident on slick, icy roads), Redding, CA and then Columbus, OH. What part of Idaho did you have your near-death experience? I love that state, except for the lack of culture and cuisine.
    I joined MerchantCircle a little whiles back, but I still miss television.

  5. Matt McGee says:

    Hi kleu, my near-death experience — the first one — was on a state road/highway somewhere between Carey and Twin Falls. I was working in TF for the CBS station and was driving back from getting highlights of a high school basketball game. I hit black ice at about 30mph and slid around, ending up off the other side of the road. Scary as all get out.

    And yes, my last TV job was in Tri-Cities, Wash. — technically part of the Yakima market.

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