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Filed in Off-Topic by Matt McGee on February 6, 2007 0 Comments

LOST Season 3(Completely off-topic. You’ll live.)

I don’t watch much TV. Outside of sports, I don’t watch much TV. There are only two primetime network shows I watch regularly: LOST and SURVIVOR. (What is it with me and watching people stranded on an island? Must look into that.)

Both of my shows start up this week. LOST tomorrow, and SURVIVOR on Thursday. In reality, I’m kinda losing interest in the reality show. I’ll watch SURVIVOR on Thursday, but there’s no guarantee I’ll watch the whole season.

LOST, on the other hand … forget it. I’m not sure I’ll ever post again on Wednesday nights, at least until season three ends in May/June. While the rest of the SEO/M world is trying to figure out algorithms, I’ll be trying to figure out what the numbers mean, who Desmond really is, why Hurley has had such bad luck since winning the lottery, what happened to Walt and Michael, how Locke was paralyzed and why the island healed him, and if Kate would ever marry me and Sawyer and Jack will survive.


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