Congrats to the 2010 SEO Madness winner

Filed in Off-Topic by Matt McGee on April 7, 2010 4 Comments

The dust has settled on the NCAA college basketball championship and that means our 4th annual SEO Madness pool is finished, too. Congrats goes out to this year’s winner:

George Bounacos of Silver Beacon Marketing!

As you can see from the final standings below, George was one of only two people to correctly pick Duke to win the title. You can also see that I somehow finished in the top five, but nobody remembers the losers, so I’ll pipe down now. This is George’s “shining moment.” 🙂

Well done, George – we’ll see you back next year, I hope, trying to defend your title.

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  1. Thanks, Matt. It hurt like hell to root for Duke against Butler. It was much easier picking Duke to beat Kansas by 2 points.

    But I’ll back next year for sure because you guys had some killer brackets until the upsets. There’s some scary competition here!

    • Matt McGee says:

      I’m not a huge Duke fan or anything, but I’ve never understood all the hate. They have good kids who never get in trouble, seem to do well in school and graduate, and the same can be said about Coach K, too — you never hear his name in the news for anything other than basketball. If I had a kid who was a marquee high school player, I’d want him to go to Duke. 🙂 But in any case, George, congrats again!

  2. I just wanted to root for the underdog. Imagine, two academic All-Americans on Butler and then those Duke kids who (yuck) graduate. Thanks, Matt!

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