2007 SBS Search Quiz: Winner & Answers

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The quiz is complete, the answers have been graded, and we have a winner!

250 of you took tried to take the 2007 Search Marketing Quiz over the past couple days, and only 10 people … yes, 10 people … answered all 11 questions correctly. So, either my industry peers aren’t as up on the latest news as I expected, or I just way overshot with questions that were too difficult. Hmmm. (Note to self: Easier questions next year.) I purposely made the last question difficult, but didn’t realize the others would be such a challenge.

Since 10 people tied with 11 questions correct, the winner is the person who completed the quiz in the shortest amount of time. And that person is … drum-roll, please!

Tamar Weinberg, quiz winner

Tamar Weinberg! Amazingly, Tamar completed the quiz in just 97 seconds. Tamar … let me know if you want the $25 iTunes or Amazon gift certificate, or $25 via Paypal.

(Note: Someone who shall remain nameless completed the quiz in 89 seconds, but did it from the same IP address as the previous attempt. Duh. I’m not that dumb.)

So anyway, for the 96% of you who never even saw all 11 questions, here you go! Thanks for trying the quiz, and make a note to try again next year. Maybe I’ll find some sponsors and built it into a Big Production. 🙂

The Questions and Answers

1.) Which blogger posted a list of ~250 “must read” SEO/SEM blogs in January?

Lee Odden

2.) What company did Vanessa Fox start working for when she left Google?


3.) What organization threatened Jennifer Laycock of Search Engine Guide with a lawsuit because of a slogan she used on a t-shirt?

National Pork Board

4.) A series of videos created by what well-known blogger inspired Danny Sullivan to drop an F-bomb on Search Engine Land?

Robert Scoble

5.) In January, Kim Krause Berg wrote about her negative experience with what popular social media site?


6.) In December, the Pubcon and SES Chicago conferences went head-to-head. On one morning, two big industry names gave keynote presentations at each conference. Seth Godin spoke at SES Chicago. Who was keynoting at Pubcon at the same time?

Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist

7.) When Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz used a TV commercial to propose to his girlfriend, on what program did the commercial air?

Veronica Mars

8.) A Facebook group formed in the summer to try to save what tech/new economy print magazine?

Business 2.0

9.) Who began a presentation at SES San Jose with the now-famous line, “Google is not the government!”

Michael Gray

10.) Who angered the SEO community so much that a contest was started to see who would rank #1 for his name on March 1st?

Dave Pasternack

11.) Digg users revolted in May when they were not allowed to post about a code to unlock copyright protection on what technology?


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  1. Congratulations, Tamar.

    I didn’t think the test was too difficult. Question # 8 was the only one I didn’t have a clue as to what the answer was so I guessed and did so correctly. 🙂

  2. Dude, you chose the most flattering photo of me ever 🙂

    It was a fun quiz, Matt. Thanks 🙂

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