How to Know When You’ve Asked Too Many Friends to Like Your Facebook Page

Filed in Social Media by Matt McGee on January 6, 2014 6 Comments


My wife got this alert over the weekend when she did some binge-inviting for her real estate Facebook page (which has been underutilized for a long time).

That’s how to know when you’ve asked too many friends to like your Facebook Page. :)

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  1. Charlie says:



  2. Wow. That got to be the first time I’ve every seen that message… Good (?) job.

  3. Now this is what persistence looks like!

  4. Gary Paulson says:

    Looks like she needs more friends!

  5. David Black says:

    I don’t invite my friends to my business pages – I like to have some secrets.
    If they think I’m doing well I have to buy all the drinks!

  6. Chris says:

    I’m definitely guilty of this. Every time I launch a new site, I seemingly ask everyone in my “Friends” list to like it. So far, I haven’t ticked anyone off yet.

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