How to SEO Your Site… E-book Updated

Filed in SEO by Matt McGee on October 17, 2008 0 Comments

How to Do SEO e-bookThanks to some fine feedback from friends and readers, my How to SEO Your Site in 60 Minutes e-book has been updated to its second edition. All previous purchasers should have received the new edition by the time you read this post; if you didn’t, please let me know.

Doug H., one of the original buyers, emailed me this feedback:

“Great read, looks like a winner. Lots of excellent tips on making sites SEO friendly. Read it through from cover to cover already. Excellent work, thanks again!”

And on Search Engine Guide, Jennifer Laycock called it The Shortest, Simplest, Most Effective SEO Book You Can Buy for $25.

“…it’s about the best SEO primer I’ve come across in terms of helping you learn how to make basic changes to your site. If you’re a small business competing in a niche, or a local company looking for a leg up, I can almost promise that following the advice in the book will earn you your money back ten to one hundred times over.”

Still haven’t ordered your copy, but want to learn how to do SEO? Order a copy of the 2nd edition today!

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