Five Questions On My Mind … Can You Answer Any?

Filed in Miscellaneous by Matt McGee on February 26, 2007 3 Comments

MyBlogLog screen shot1. How does MyBlogLog generate that “Hot in My Communities” list (at left) that shows on my profile page? Is it pure link/click analysis? Links/Clicks from and by whom? My contacts?

2. Anyone ever see any traffic bumps from being listed there?

3. On a related note … should I pay the very affordable $25 fee to upgrade to MyBlogLog Pro, or wait to see if Yahoo! makes the upgraded stats available for free as it integrates the service more deeply?

4. Am I doing a disservice to the blogs in my blogroll (“Random Good Stuff” on the right side) by having that set of links show up in random order every time a spider (or human) visits the page?

5. How does determine a domain’s “SEO Score”? The one pictured below, with a 67% score, is the lowest score I’ve ever seen from, and it’s pretty accurate in the sense that the domain in question was badly in need of SEO help. SEO Score


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  1. ExposureTim says:

    1. I think its just volume/recent-ness based. I don’t see anything too complex going on there… though that is a great area they could further develop in the future!

    2. YES

    3. I haven’t tried the Pro yet…

    4. Absolutely not – I like MyBlogLog because it “rewards” frequent visitors by showing other visitors like-minded folks. The Random Good Stuff are sites you like and therefore should be ranked however you chose. But it’d be nice if it were possible to order those by: A) how often you linked to those folks or B) how often they linked to you or C) how often they visit… or a combination of the above!

    5. Great question – I’ve wanted to ask them that too. Maybe we can convince them to tell us?

  2. Matt McGee says:

    Tim – I’m curious to know what kind of traffic bump you’ve seen from that MBL chart. Can you add any details?

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