Facebook: Now 15 Million Pages Worldwide

Filed in Social Media, Statistics by Matt McGee on March 8, 2013 5 Comments

facebook_logoFacebook made big news today with the introduction of a new News Feed experience, one that’s going to roll out slowly to all users.

I’m sure there are things to be said about how it will impact small businesses with Facebook Pages, but I’ll wait until I’ve been able to play with the new News Feed before sharing any thoughts on that.

In the meantime, Facebook’s Dan Levy was speaking earlier this week at the Borrell Local Online Advertising Conference and shared this updated number:

There are now more than 15 million Facebook Pages.

That’s up from the 13 million figure that was reported in December. As a reminder, this number

  • represents worldwide Pages
  • is not just business Pages, but includes all Page categories

On a related note, Facebook also said — during its January earnings call — that about 500,000 Page owners had tried Sponsored Posts. About 30 percent of those are new Facebook advertisers, and 70 percent become repeat advertisers.

It’ll be interesting to watch how those numbers progress while the new News Feed becomes more widely available.

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  1. Matt, I’d love to hear your take on social media mentions vs on-site SEO as regards search engine rankings. It’s so hard to believe that other people’s opinions, always volatile, often manipulated, could have be given authority than real testimonials and content on websites. Am I off-target here?

    • Matt McGee says:

      Hey Mia, it’s not just mentions that matters — it’s the quality/authority of who’s doing the mentions that matters. It’s not all that different from links, in that regard.

  2. Justin says:

    Facebook has slowly turned the bus toward effective advertising solutions. I hear more and more marketers talking about using and succeeding with their cost effective options. Seems like its high time to understand the ins and outs of Facebook advertising for just about any business.

  3. Kyle Sanders says:

    With the News Feed changes and Open Graph search rolling out slowly, I have a hard time imagining that shares won’t be given more weight. It’ll be interesting to see how that works out over the next months/year, especially since Google seems to be in limbo with regard to how much a share (or like) matters in search placements.

    Matt, what are your thoughts on that?

    • Matt McGee says:

      Kyle, I think all of those types of engagement will be more important and prominent with the News Feed changes and Graph Search. But yeah, sharing someone’s content directly into your own feed should probably count for more than clicking a “like” button or even leaving a comment.

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